In the era of modern digital cinematography, I'm a very strong believer that there is no "Best" camera, or "Best" lens, or even "Best" lighting/tripod/dolly etc.
Rather there is only the best kit for each individual project.

By not investing in kit I am free to make decisions on what to use based on practical and aesthetic considerations, rather than being forced to use a particular camera package purely because I own it.

Over the years I have cultivated relationships with rental houses as well as individual owners which means I have access to every camera system on the market most of which I also have experience using, including Dragon / Epic / Alexa / Amira / FS7 / F55 / C500 / C300 / 5D / A7S / Gopro / BMCC etc.

I also have experience with cameras specialised for High-Speed photography, TV production, Live event filming, and also 35mm/16mm/8mm film cameras.

I also have a calibrated Davinci Resolve system at home which allows me to test cameras and looks before a shoot, and also provide full grading services if the budget for a full-blown post-house is not available.