Pete is a Director of Photography and Camera Operator with experience of all forms of production, all over the globe.

His real passion lies in narrative drama, having shot countless short films that have competed in festivals all over the world, and several features which have been distributed in North America and other territorries. Pete has also relished any opportunity to learn from other DOP's on productions such as "Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides", and whilst camera operating on "Screwed" for Bryan Loftus BSC.

Pete keeps up to date with the latest in technology, and has his own Davinci Resolve grading system allowing him to assess new and existing capture formats and ensure he gets the best out of every camera.

Pete is dedicated to challenging himself with every shoot, and his background in low-budget filmmaking has taught him to light and shoot very quickly, efficiently, and creatively while maintaining a relaxed and comfortable set and an uncompromising vision.